Ben Hixon is the Democratic candidate for the 30th district of the Virginia House of Delegates, covering Madison, Orange, and Culpeper counties.

Ben is 35, a computer programmer born and raised in Louisiana. His family has lived in the south since his great great great great grandfather William Hixon was born in South Carolina during the American Revolution. Ben moved with his partner to Culpeper in 2016.

Ben is a progressive libertarian, which means he supports personal and economic liberty as well as the strong social safety nets that keep us safe and free. We need to cut regressive taxes like the car tax and grocery tax, eliminate barriers for starting new businesses such as excessive occupational licensing, and cut back the regulations that exacerbate crony capitalism. The 14th amendment safeguards all our personal freedoms, from marriage to choice. Ben believes equally in freedom of speech, press, religion, and self-defense. But freedom also means the ability to live our lives. Healthcare and an affordable education aren’t just good: they’re fundamental freedoms that must be guaranteed to every Virginian. How can we be free to live our lives if we’re not safe from disease and terror? If we don’t have an education? If we don’t have clean water to drink and clean air to breathe? If elected, Ben will fight for the freedom of everyone in district 30 and for every Virginian, starting with the medicaid expansion and gerrymandering reform.


My wonderful extended family, including grandparents and aunt of blessed memory.