Voting Rights

The right to vote in our democracy is a fundamental freedom. Voting should be fair and easy. Ben will vote for gerrymandering reform and for the repeal of restrictive voter ID laws.

No-Excuse Absentee Voting. Voting needs to be easy and accessible. 28 states allow voting by mail through absentee ballot for any reason. I will sponsor a law to make Virginia the 29th.

Gerrymandering Reform. Voting needs to be fair. When political parties (Republican or Democrat) can slice and dice districts in order to make individual votes matter as little as possible, then something has gone wrong with our process and it needs to be fixed. I fully support the efforts of OneVirginia2021 in securing our right to a fair vote, and gerrymandering reform will be among my top priorities as your delegate.

Relax Voter ID laws. When I moved here last year, I had to wait in line for hours to purchase a photo ID that would allow me to vote. My partner even had to come back a second day, because it took so long that by the time they got to him the state computers had shut down. Not everyone can afford to spend the time and money to get an ID.