Ben believes that every American is born equal and that to remain free we must provide opportunity to all. Ben believes that to achieve our promise as Americans we must:

  • Stand up against anti-LGBTQ discrimination. Ben’s opponent, Bryce Reeves, has voted to allow conversion therapy on minors and to allow landlords and employers to discriminate against LGBTQ tenants and employees. Ben believes in equal opportunity for all.   
  • Welcome immigrants. America is a nation of immigrants. Ben will work to provide constituent services for all his constituents, regardless of whether or not they have documentation.
  • Protect religious freedom. Every American has the right to worship who they chose. We must be vigilant in defending religious liberty and the freedom of every Virginian to practice their faith in peace.
  • Prevent Civil Asset Forfeiture/Abuse of Eminent Domain. Ben would require a criminal conviction before any property can be seized through civil asset forfeiture, and would oppose eminent domain for any project not essential to public safety.
  • Pass sensible gun violence measures that respect the Constitution. Ben knows that we need to take action to reduce senseless gun deaths. He recognizes our right to arm ourselves under the 2nd Amendment, but we must also keep guns out of the hands of terrorists and criminals. Ben also wants to dramatically expand mental healthcare, as about two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides, and implement a voluntary gun buyback program for those currently in therapy.
  • Reform our Criminal Justice system. We over-criminalize, we over-punish, and we enforce our laws with racial inequity. Ben wants to eliminate private prisons, increase the felony larceny limit, increase the public defender limit, ban mandatory minimums, legalize marijuana, reform pretrial release, and end cash bail, bring back parole, end incarceration for nonviolent minors, and provide treatment not prison for addicts.