Generations of Patriots have fought to expand the right to vote to all Americans. It is crucial that we honor their legacy by continuing their work, striving for a society where everyone’s vote is truly equal. Ben will:

  • Ban corporate-utility contributions. Corporations that benefit from state contracts should not be able to purchase political connections. Ben pledged not to take donations from Dominion or any other corporation or corporate PAC.
  • Protect the right to vote. Ben will support no excuse early voting, getting rid of discriminatory voter-id laws, and passing automatic and same-day voter registration.
  • Gerrymandering reform. To ensure a fair democracy, Ben believes that our districts must be drawn without partisan political advantage. He fully supports the efforts of One Virginia 2021.
  • Limit personal contributions. The wealthy should not be able to influence our elections. Ben would put a limit on the amount of funds that a candidate can receive from one source, leveling the playing field for all Virginians.
  • Automatically restore felons rights. To make sure that those who have served their sentence are not barred from the fundamental freedom given to all Americans, Ben will sponsor legislation to restore felons rights automatically.