Ben comes from a family of teachers and supports a strong, well-funded public education system. As Senator, Ben will fight for stronger education by working to:

  • Raise teacher pay. To retain the best teachers, we must pay them like the professionals they are. Teachers in Virginia currently make $9k below the national average, and it is time that we step up and support the people doing so much to improve our community.
  • Expand broadband access to everyone in our district. Access to high-speed internet is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity. We have kids in our district who park in the McDonald’s parking lot to do their homework. Students who cannot access high-speed, reliable internet are at a disadvantage.
  • Fight for more vocational training. For many in our district, a four-year education is not in the picture. To expand our workforce and ensure everyone in our district has the tools to succeed, we must expand vocational programs and technical education in high school and beyond.
  • Provide more funding to our world-class universities. Our public universities are among the best in the world. We must make sure these institutions have the funding they need.
  • Invest more in our public schools. Ben opposes charter schools, vouchers, or any other attempt to funnel money out of our public education system and into private companies.
  • Trust our teachers. When lesson plans are mandated from the top and teachers are forced to teach to the test then our students suffer. We have to give our schools and teachers the flexibility to innovate. Ben would eliminate the SOLs
  • Respect homeschooling families. Public schools are the backbone of our communities, but Ben also supports the rights of parents to home school their children. Ben knows that a classroom environment isn’t for every child, and when parents decide to homeschool, they should be trusted to make the decision in the best interest of their child.