Ben knows that climate change is real and believes that we must listen to scientific experts on the best actions to take as a community. To protect our environment creative solutions are needed, and Ben will take every action he can as a Senator to prevent continued climate change. In the Senate, Ben will:

  • Clean up our rivers, streams, public lands. Access to clean air and safe-water are human rights that we must protect. Ben will fight to keep our environment healthy, water and air clean, and public lands public.
  • Encourage local farming. Ben believes that we can fight climate change by supporting local farmers. By encouraging farmers to sell local, we lower the environmental cost of transportation, boost the local economy, and provide better produce to consumers.
  • Eliminate coal subsidies and resist crony capitalism. Between 1995 and 2015, Virginia gave the coal industry $500 Million in subsidies. We must stop using taxpayer dollars to support an industry that is killing our environment. Instead, we must invest those funds to support the communities adapting to the loss of the coal industry.
  • Invest in clean energy. Ben believes that we should fund innovation in clean energy and solar freedom, helping to end Dominion’s stranglehold on electricity in Virginia. Dirty fossil fuels belong to the past, yet fossil fuel companies hold onto power through crony capitalism. Let’s get Dominion out of our politics.