Healthcare is a human right. Ben believes that every American deserves to have access to quality healthcare and not be subject to the fear that a doctor’s visit could bankrupt them. Ben was a proud advocate for Medicaid expansion when he ran for Delegate in 2017. He will continue that work in the Senate. Ben supports:

  • Expanding Medicaid Dental. Dental care is a crucial part of our health, and we must expand access to preventive care, not just last minute emergency care.
  • Allowing nurse practitioners to treat their patients. These are professionals with experienced backgrounds who know their patients. By allowing them more autonomy, we will lower costs and expand coverage throughout our rural communities.
  • Reforming our drug patent system. We cannot allow life-saving drugs to be controlled by Wall Street. We must reform our drug patent system to reward innovation, not bankers.
  • Funding more free clinics. No one should have to wait days for healthcare access or drive to another county to get affordable treatment. Ben will fight to expand the coverage of free clinics around the district.
  • Reform Certificate of Public Need (COPN) laws. Virginia has a uniquely cumbersome bureaucracy for getting approval to build or expand our centers of medicine, leading to delays, greater expense, and less room for innovation. Let’s get out of the way of healthcare providers who’d like to expand their market into low-coverage areas.
  • Making Mental healthcare a priority. So many of the issues we face as a community are rooted in our weak mental healthcare system. Gun violence and addiction are strongly linked to the lack of robust mental healthcare services. Ben believes that we need to make access to mental healthcare easy and convenient. He will do this by increasing the number of school psychologists and advocating for the normalization of working on one’s mental health. Ben agrees with Senator Deeds that our mental healthcare system is chaotic. We need to fund our Community Service Boards and work towards better communication between them.