The I-95 corridor from Washington DC to Fredericksburg is one of the busiest stretches of roads in the country, creating massive traffic delays. With so many in our community commuting to NOVA or DC daily, it is crucial that we find solutions to the horrendous traffic. Every minute someone is stuck in traffic is a minute they are not spending with their family, learning, or resting. Ben believes that we must fix our traffic problem by:

  • Implementing recommendations from VDOT’s new study on I-95: In April 2019 VDOT announced a new study around the traffic from DC to Spotsylvania. Ben will make sure this study has the resources they need, and subsequent support to implement their recommended solutions.
  • Investment in new traffic technology. Digital traffic signals can synchronize and adjust based on traffic conditions connecting vehicles together. Virginia can be a leader in automated and connected vehicle technology, letting cars talk to each other. Ben will fight to defend funding for VDOT’s Innovation and Technology Transportation Program.
  • Expanding public transportation. We need to fund the VRE to transform it from a commuter system with only early morning rides into a transit system with rides all day.
  • Developing a light-rail service. Long term, we should explore the feasibility of a light rail service that would connect the district with Washington DC, dramatically reducing commuting time and boosting the economy.