Voting should be free, fair, and easy.

Town hall pledge. Representative democracy should be a partnership. Ben will hold monthly nonpartisan town halls which he will conduct in much the same way he conducted committee meetings as party chair: open public comment time, an agenda with issues he needs feedback on from constituents, group discussion, and a published recap of the meeting. He will always be open and available to listen, and won’t try to hide from his constituents.

No-Excuse Early Voting. As county party chair, Ben emphasized voter education for early voting. The Culpeper Dems mailed handwritten postcards explaining how, when, and where to vote early. That was necessary because the current excuse-based process is difficult to understand. Let’s institute no-excuse absentee voting and make sure our local electoral boards have the funds to pay for it.

Gerrymandering Reform. Our political parties (both Republican and Democratic) slice and dice districts in order to make individual votes matter as little as possible. When a voter’s district changes, they become disconnected and discouraged. Ben supports the efforts of OneVirginia2021 to secure our right to a fair vote.

Relax Voter ID laws.

Automatic voter registration.

Same-day voter registration.

Automatic restoration of rights.

Ranked choice voting in localities. Let counties institute ranked-choice voting if they so choose, and let political parties use ranked-choice voting in their primaries.

Ban contributions from public utilities. Ben signed the Dominion pledge in 2017 and again in 2019. It’s a conflict of interest for legislators to accept donations from the companies they have the responsibility to regulate.

Limit personal campaign contributions. Virginia has no limit on the amount an individual can donate to a campaign, which is why we see contributions in enormous amounts of $10 thousand or more. This lets the rich unfairly manipulate our elections.