Choice. The decision whether or not to start a family is one of the most personal, private decisions that a human can make. Ben is pro-choice. A woman has the right to make her own reproductive decisions. Roe v Wade makes clear that the right to privacy and autonomy over our bodies is essential to our conception of individual liberty. A woman’s body is under her own control. The power to control reproduction is not among the enumerated powers of the Federal government. The 14th amendment protects the right to choose from infringement by the states.

Respect for the pro-life position. At the same time, Ben understands that the pro-life position can be grounded in a profound spiritual conviction, and deserves our respect. We’re stronger when we can rationally and respectfully disagree. Ben will fight to defend a woman’s right to choose, but he’s not going to call someone ‘evil’ for advocating pro-life policies.

Reproductive healthcare. Once a woman decides to have a child, that child has the right to be healthy. Healthcare is a fundamental freedom, and includes women’s healthcare from prenatal care to breastfeeding support. Ben will demand equal access to reproductive healthcare and will fight for criminal justice reform so that pregnant women who commit crimes such as drug abuse or self-harm are not punished and ill-treated, but instead they and their child are protected and healthy.

Equal Rights Amendment. Let’s pass the ERA now. Laws ought to be sex-blind. Ben’s opponent, Senator Bryce Reeves, just voted against the Equal Rights Amendment. Please watch Ben’s video below to see why sex is not as strongly protected under the 14th amendment as it should be.